How GENSEN and SEM work together


Senegal Ecovillage Microcredit


is an independent, U.S nonprofit and Senegalese non-governmental organization (NGO). In 2006, SEM  partnered with GENSEN to provide group loans throughout the Senegal Ecovillage Network. SEM is dedicated to providing access to reasonable interest rate finance, appropriate business training and local market linkages. Ismael Diallo, GENSEN's elected president, is also SEM's In-Country Program Director, whereby he is responsible for the management of SEM staff and organizational processes. 


GENSEN village representatives volunteer to form a microfinance committee to assist with village level program management and recommend loan requests from member villages. The committee is composed of one representative from each of GENSEN's seven principal regions (Dakar, This, Saint Louis, Diourbel, Fatick, Ziguinchor, and Tambacounda).

SEM has established a professional, transparent system to receive donations that are fully tax deductible and minimize transaction costs and bank transfer fees. If interested in supporting SEM operations or loans, please visit:


"SEM Donations"