The application process for villages wishing to join GENSEN is under revision

Come back later
People often ask, "How can my village become a member of GENSEN?" The answer is, "Ask us again later." GENSEN is not accepting new membership applications from villages until we finish redefining our membership process. We have the same low operating costs and small central staff as when we were much smaller, but with expanding responsibilities. Making staff available for accreditation visits and covering expenses for network activities, such as "regional days" reforestation camps and ecovillage education fairs, was easier when we were small than it is now that we have 45 member villages. We hope to complete our redefinition process by September 2008 or earlier.

Except under special circumstances

We are continuing to expand through partnerships that give GENSEN ecovillagers access to resources on a win-win basis. Central villages, who are members of GENSEN, can affiliate sub-villages with GENSEN under their supervision. COLUFIFA ecovillage in Faoune, Casamance, has long had 350 or more villages to whom they and their partners provide resources for growing and processing organic sesame. Mbam ecovillage in the Sin Saloum Delta also runs projects extending to more than 30 villages. Guede Chantier ecovillage in Podor, Northern Senegal, has a program distributing school supplies to a sub-network of villages. Many development partners already work with GENSEN villages without linking to GENSEN. Working with GENSEN, however, offers real advantages. They include the idealism, and entrepreneurial spirit of GENSEN ecovillagers and the package of educational and other opportunities that GENSEN can make available at very low additional cost to other sponsored program activities..

Linking villages
GENSEN has a partnership with the US Peace Corps, linking rather than merging two separate networks of villages. This linkage currently provides training in microcredit and other topics to some of our ecovillages and to villages hosting Peace Corps volunteers. GENSEN also has discussed the possibility of similar links with representatives of Church World Service organizations, which have excellent programs in which churches and/or families adopt villages and provide resources and technical assistance for education, health, agriculture....
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Please see the following page on accreditation for details on our former and currently evolving ecovillage accredition process.