Ecovillage Design

Ecovillage Design Education the Conceptual Frameworks for Sustainable Local Development Education and Activities
Teaching materials created by Gaia Education contain the best explanation of ecovillages concepts and practices in the context of industrialized country life styles and world views. The founders of GEN and a group of specialists have coauthored these official training documents. GENSEN is in the early stages of adapting these materials to educate African traditional villagers and other indigenous, ecosystems peoples in ways of preserving and transforming their ancestral villages into ecovillages. We would like comments on this work.
Read about differences between modern and traditional African ecovillages


The Education Design Curriculumcurriculum is available for literate persons

Go to Gaia Education website for a free download of the curriculum outlined below

Worldview Dimension
Module 1: Holistic Worldview
Module 2: Listening to and Reconnecting with Nature
Module 3: Awakening & Transformation of Consciousness
Module 4: Celebrating Life: Creativity and Art
Module 5: Socially Engaged Spirituality

Economic Dimension
Module 1: Shifting the Global Economy to Sustainability
Module 2: Right Livelihood
Module 3: Social Enterprise
Module 4: Community Banks and Currencies
Module 5: Legal and Financial Issues

Social Dimension
Module 1: Building Community & Embracing Diversity
Module 2: Communication Skills: Conflict, Facilitation, and Decision-Making
Module 3: Personal Empowerment and Leadership
Module 4: Health and Healing
Module 5: Local, Bioregional and Global Outreach

Please see our approach to teaching this curriculum to pre-literate villagers


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