Ecovillage Training

Training traditional villagers in ecovillage concepts

Many Senegalese villagers feel they are losing the struggle to survive in increasing poverty in degraded environments. Encouraging their youth to emigrate, hopeless about improving local living conditions, many still long for the golden age of their ancestors, revere the earth and mourn its fading beauty. The ecovillage movement brings hope for renewal and comes to many as an answer to prayer. But learning to protect and improve your village while coping with the lure of "city lights" is not easy for communities who haven't attended school. Many ecovillagers have no word for nature in their languages because they are part of it. Yet, they define their losses and desires for renewal in the same 4 domains covered in Ecovillage Design Education (EDE) diagram left: Worldview (spirituality and values), Ecology (health of the earth), Economy, and Society (community, schools, health services). GENSEN is developing and producing development communications materials, including a workshop guide, and the pictorial guide (at right) for stimulating discussion and work in the four EDE domains.