NGO Programs

Main Projects in GENSEN ecovillages:


Capacity reinforcement:

  • Training instructors on organic agriculture in Ngaparou, Mbour, Thiès…
  • Training instructors on ecotourism in Mékhé, Tivouane, Thiès…
  • Training instructors on wetland preservation in Mbam, Foundiougne, Fatick…
  • Training instructors on micro-gardening in Popenguine, Mbour, Thies…
  • Training instructors on drafting funding proposals in Yoff, Almadies, and Dakar
  • Trainings on improving rice growing techniques in Oussouye, Ziguinchor…
  • Trainings on group dynamics, financial and administrative group management
In the fight against deforestation by the use of alternative energy:
  • Implementation of Solar Energy project in Mékhé since 2006 (creation of solar ovens)
  • Implementation of solar energy project in Keur Gu Mack (Diourbel) since 2009 (creation of solar ovens)
  • Implementation of animal biomass energy project in Mbam since 2006.
Academic program in ecovillages with local populations (with the EREV Institute
      • Semester-long courses bringing together Senegalese and American students, theoretical and pratical instruction in sustainable development
      • Intensive classes on sustainable development provided to Senegalese and Americans every January

Microcredit program for groups of people in Senegalese ecovillages with SEM Fund (     

-Financing from partners in the USA
-Funds available in the form of credit with a low interest rate for members of ecovillagesPromoting adapted technologies – TIC – organic agriculture – permaculture:

  • Implementation of permaculture in Yoff
  • Experimentation with ecological water purification in Yoff
  • Improvement of agricultural productivity in rice growing areas in the Casamance (Oussouye, M’lomp)
  • Local design and production of life vests for the safety of fishermen in Mbam